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Raines Feldman’s Annual Employee Handbook Update Program has arrived. We are proposing several changes be made to your California Employee Handbook in order to reflect recent legislation, judicial interpretations, and best practices in human resources for 2021, including:

  • Updated CFRA policy addressing expanded scope of eligibility to extended family members and coverage to employers with 5+ employees – replaces Parental Leave Act;
  • Updated Sick Leave policies addressing COVID-19 leave laws;

  • Updated Remote Work policy addressing COVID-19 work-from-home arrangements;
  • New Expense Reimbursement policy accounting for increased employee expenses incurred for COVID-19;
  • Revised COVID-19 protocols consistent with latest guidance from CDC and local authorities;
  • New CalSavers Program policy as law takes effect for employers of various sizes in 2021;
  • Modification of Life-Threatening Disease policy adjusting for COVID-19;

  • Expanded Paid Family Leave policy;
  • Other updates for 2021 based on litigation trends and our recommendations for best human resources practices. 

Please review the flyer with instructions for ordering an Employee Handbook Update and information about our Labor Advisor Program by clicking HERE.

If you have any questions, please contact Beth Schroeder at or (310) 440-4100.