Cyber Liability

Los Angeles, California Cyber Liability AttorneysDedication to Internet Law Matters

Our litigation team are committed to helping clients navigate the rapidly evolving areas of Internet, data security, business and intellectual property. Our law firm stands at the forefront of these developing legal areas as commercial activity and business disputes continue to migrate to the Internet.

In civil litigation, we handle cases involving data breaches, trademarks, copyrights, patents, trade secrets, defamation and general commercial litigation for both plaintiffs and defendants. We offer alternate fee arrangements for certain types of cases, however, most cases require a retainer deposit and our time is charged hourly. Our criminal practice focuses upon white collar cyber-crimes and defending actions brought by various government agencies including the Federal Trade Commission, S.E.C. and C.F.T.C.

Our experience, trial results and dedication to clients have established our status as a leading law firm for high stakes cyber liability litigation in California and the United States. Our client list includes video game companies, investment funds, retailers, digital media companies, hospitality services, insurers, entertainers, directors and officers, and internet marketing companies.

A Highly Skilled and Efficient Approach

Our attorneys possess an elite level of training and experience. They hold degrees from the country's most prestigious law schools, have held positions in government as prosecutors and previously worked at the country's largest corporate law firms. Because of this approach, our clients obtain the benefit of large law firm expertise at boutique law firm pricing. We staff lean and do not employ inexperienced associates who require hand holding and training. Most cases are run by one partner and one senior associate.

We prepare for trial from day one and believe that a serious, well-designed litigation strategy is the key to extracting favorable settlements. We also believe in taking aggressive shots when opportunities present themselves. For example, if appropriate, we have been known to file summary judgments in response to lawsuits rather than churn cases by filing demurrers and Rule 12b6 motions which typically leads to an endless cycle of amendments. This aggressive approach has saved our defense clients millions of dollars over the years.

We do not shy away from the tough case, in fact, we are built for tough cases. Often, we are confronted with legal precedents and statutes drafted before the development of the internet and digital media. As such, we are trained to make creative legal arguments and often take cases of first impression. An example of this approach is our current representation of terrorism victims with large, unsatisfied judgments against the country of Iran. We are currently working to seize Iran’s internet assets in order to partially satisfy these judgments.