Entertainment Litigation

Los Angeles Entertainment Litigation Attorney

Behind the lights and glamour of Hollywood is a multibillion-dollar industry. We handle entertainment litigation involving profit participation, management deals, advertising and endorsements, content distribution, ownership and licensing. Our clients include talent, management companies, studios and production companies.

At Raines Feldman LLP, we understand the business behind the entertainment industry. Our firm is at the cutting edge of entertainment law, Internet law and infringement litigation. We are committed to protecting our clients' reputations and financial interests when faced with the threat of litigation.

Experienced Los Angeles Trial Attorneys Handle Entertainment Law Disputes

Our law firm represents both plaintiffs and defendants in entertainment litigation matters. We are a litigation only law firm and have forged close relationships with many top entertainment transactional attorneys who bring us in to represent their clients when litigation cannot be avoided. We handle the following matters for our entertainment industry clients:

We understand the financial and professional implications of an entertainment dispute. When faced with the threat of litigation, we make considered, strategic choices. Our firm works with industry-leading experts, including forensic accountants, to evaluate the cost benefit of pursuing a trial verdict over a negotiated settlement. We also take into account the most effective way to resolve an entertainment law dispute without affecting our clients' professional reputation and consumer goodwill.