Privacy And Data Security

It seems like every day in the news we hear about another company—big and small—who has been a victim of a cyber-attack or a data breach. The average breach costs $3.9 million dollars and is greatly disruptive for customers and employees of any business.

Most companies are completely unprepared to properly respond to such a crisis.

Raines Feldman LLP counsels companies on preventative “best practices” for minimizing the likelihood of such an attack. Part of our program incorporates:

  1. On-going cyber education and training.
  2. Data mapping and breach response preparation.
  3. Vendor review and recommendations regarding system management and insurance.

Our clients who have followed our guidance have avoided breach incidents and significantly decreased liability exposure in the event of a future breach. We have counseled companies in industries including manufacturing, apparel, restaurants, entertainment, tech and hospitality. In order to facilitate effective budgeting for corporate legal departments, we offer flat fee pricing for our training and preparedness seminars.

In the unfortunate event of a data breach incident, our team can help your company navigate the legal and practical hurdles. First and third party liability continues to skyrocket as a result of breach incidents. We help your company avoid the liability escalator by coordinating swift and effective response plans. Part of our success is owed to relationships with various state and federal regulators including the California Attorney and the Federal Trade Commission. We’ve been in the trenches of several data breaches, our advice is based upon experience and not theory.

Our Data Security and Privacy Practice Areas
  • Data Breach Prevention
  • Data Breach Response
  • Class Action Defense
  • Data Security Consulting
  • Vendor Vetting and Contracts
  • Data Breach Notification
  • Privacy and Data Security Regulations
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  • MILES FELDMAN – Co-chair of the firm’s cyber liability practice.