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Kathy Bazoian Phelps, Partner


Kathy Bazoian Phelps is lawyer at Raines Feldman LLP, she serves as fiduciaries in receivership and bankruptcy cases, and she is a mediator and an author. She has been practicing law since 1991, with experience in bankruptcy and receivership law, fiduciary representation, and fraud litigation. She is particularly knowledgeable about fraud detection and the administration of Ponzi scheme cases in bankruptcies and receiverships. She has a Chapter 11 Trustee and federal equity receiver and represents bankruptcy trustees and receivers in federal regulatory as well as state court receivership cases.

Kathy is a frequently requested speaker on topics ranging from bankruptcy, financial compliance, fraud detection, Ponzi schemes, and handling disruptive personalities in corporations. She applies her knowledge across a wide variety of industries ranging from financial institutions to real estate-related businesses.

Kathy’s publications include the following:

  • The Ponzi Book: A Legal Resource for Unraveling Ponzi Schemes. co-authored with Hon. Steven Rhodes (Ret.) (LexisNexis® 2012)
  • Fraud and Forensics: Piercing Through the Deception in a Commercial Fraud Case, co-author (American Bankruptcy Institute 2015)
  • Ponzi-Proof Your Investments: An Investor’s Guide to Avoiding Ponzi Schemes and Other Fraudulent Scams (IRR Publishing 2013)
  • The Depths of Deepening Insolvency: Damage Exposure For Officers, Directors and Others, co-authored with Prof. Jack F. Williams (American Bankruptcy Institute 2013)
  • Author of The Ponzi Scheme Blog at

In addition to her roles as lawyer, speaker and author, Kathy also serves as a mediator and is currently on the mediation and arbitration rosters for the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, as well as the Bankruptcy Mediation Panel for the Central District of California and the Bankruptcy Mediation Panel for the District of Arizona.

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