Raines Feldman’s securities litigation practice is known for handling challenging, high-stakes securities matters that demand a complete range of skills in the courtroom and beyond. Our attorneys have thorough knowledge of the substantive and procedural laws applicable to all aspects of securities litigation. We are experienced with the issues that arise when a director, officer, or corporation faces a securities class action or derivative-related claims. We have litigated a wide range of securities matters, including options disputes, valuations, initial public offerings (IPOs), mergers and acquisitions (M&A), insurance coverage, tender offers, market manipulation, insider trading, stock options backdating, valuations, fraud, proxy disputes, and non-disclosure cases.


We also represent directors, officers, companies, and other entities in investigations and enforcement proceedings before the SEC and state regulators. We represent corporate clients in litigation involving M&A transactions, including litigation between merging parties, as well as shareholder litigation involving fiduciary duties and disclosure issues. Our attorneys have successfully brought and defended a vast array of claims under federal securities statues and many of the Blue Sky and state law statutes in California, New York, Florida and beyond.


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