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We are counselors.

Our practice stands at the global crossroads of finance, media and real estate. We counsel the next wave of Los Angeles and international business. We help our clients fund, organize, grow, protect and thrive.

We have decades of experience in business transactions, formation, mergers and acquisitions, real estate, private equity, debt/credit, trials/litigation/dispute resolution, and intellectual property/brand/content.


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June 4, 2014
Western Real Estate Business, by Nellie Day (Dan Brozost quoted)
May 27, 2014
Law360, by Andrew McIntyre (Andrew Raines quoted)
May 12, 2014
Hollywood Reporter, By Enrique Gardner (Miles Feldman quoted)
May 2, 2014
The Bakersfield Californian, By Steven Mayer
April 28, 2014
Los Angeles Business Journal, By Alfred Lee (Miles Feldman and Richard Decker quoted)
December 26, 2013
California FTB Tax News No. 11/01/2013, 11/01/2013, Raines Feldman LLP