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It’s in our culture

A core group of diverse and creative individuals started this firm.  We recognized the value of a diverse culture in our founding and never looked back.

The core benefits of a diverse law firm

People with different experiences and backgrounds introduce new perspectives and fresh approaches. We gain the benefits of these unique backgrounds, issues and viewpoints to enrich our environment and to better serve our clients.

Recruiting diversity

The firm is committed to diversity-aligned recruiting practices to organically produce and maintain a diverse culture. We deliberately expand the scope of our reach when it comes to recruiting.

Inclusion is key

The firm ensures that its diverse members are receiving training, attention, feedback and direct client interaction.  We want to make sure that our diverse team members are given the opportunity to grow within the practice. This imparts a sense of belonging.  We value a range of voices and seek across the board involvement in the firm’s growth and success. This is how you build and maintain an inclusive culture.

We celebrate our differences

We recognize and celebrate the differences among us. This creates an environment where individuals feel empowered and comfortable sharing the differences that make them unique.