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Our tax attorneys draw on broad practical experience and deep technical knowledge to structure tax-efficient transactions for our clients. We help our clients effectively respond to audits and, if necessary, pursue administrative appeals and tax litigation.

We know that tax efficiency can affect our clients’ return on investment and that strategic tax planning is essential to giving our clients the best opportunity to succeed in their businesses. We advise our clients in all aspects of the business lifecycle from formation to operations and expansion to sale and restructuring or even retirement and succession.  We believe that our clients are best served by involving our tax attorneys early in the process of planning transactions.  Our approach is to explain the tax consequences of our clients’ various business decisions so they may choose the best way to achieve their business goals with the minimum tax burden. Because our advice is both technical and practical, our clients have learned to call us first – while the deal is still in the conceptual stage. 

As part of our integrated approach, our tax attorneys work with attorneys from other practice areas to address all types of business needs including: the financing of subsidized housing projects or the purchase or lease of a factory, the purchase or sale of a business, the design of a family business succession plan, and the structuring of the settlement of a lawsuit.

Other law firms also turn to Raines Feldman for tax advice.  We serve as tax co-counsel to attorneys at other firms who rely on us to help structure and review tax issues for their clients’ transactions and litigation settlements.  Our attorneys have also served as consulting and testifying expert witnesses in cases involving complex tax issues.

The attorneys of Raines Feldman have extensive experience in dealing with the IRS. We understand that when the IRS calls, our clients’ businesses are potentially at risk.  Our clients rely on us for our judgment in understanding of when to negotiate with the IRS and when to challenge the IRS in court.  We collaborate with our clients and their accountants to help navigate the complexities of the audit and appeal process.  We can help prepare for an audit, deal with revenue agents, negotiate a settlement, and, when necessary, develop a strategy for litigation and take a case to trial.